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Case Studies

Client Case Study: Homeless Services/ Human Services Nonprofit

Client Challenges

  • Lacked manpower to handle high-volume of grant writing
  • Unsuccessful in finding skilled grant writer to hire in-house
  • In the process of moving and beginning an entire new program that would need major financial support

Client Testimonial

“For over two years, P2G has been not only an outstanding, but also critical, partner to our success. With their assistance, we were able to submit dozens of mission-aligned grants to foundations and corporations, providing an ROI far beyond what we could have done on our own. More importantly, P2G helped to frame our story consistently, but in a way that the variety of potential funders could understand and relate. We are honored to have P2G as part of our team as we continue to increase services for vulnerable families.”

Jackie Dryden, Director of Advancement

Solutions Highlights

P2G provided the following solutions:

  • Engaged a highly qualified writer who could also meet with them regularly to increase their confidence in using a grant writing consultant
  • Provided an outside fresh perspective about their organization and grant writing
  • Conducted funder research and provided detailed funding prospect report
  • Developed a grant writing plan and calendar with the client
  • Provided expert grant writing strategies catered to each funder’s focus and goals
  • Assigned a writer and a reviewer to craft grant proposals that aligned with funder goals and best represented the client
  • Provided ongoing funder research to assure that opportunities were pursued for maximum funding
  • Provided expert budget advice to the client

Results Highlights

As a result of P2G’s services the client has:

  • Won over $1,653,000 in grant funding since 2019 for purchase of property, shelter, computers, staff, and general operating expenses
  • Acquired more effective language to describe their programs and organization
  • Gained a better understanding of funders and how to approach them and appeal to them
  • Created solid budgets using funder budget forms and required structures
  • Received support during the COVID crisis with additional emergency grant research and writing
  • Received support and valuable insights while transitioning to a different mission and focus
  • Saved thousands of dollars in wages and benefits by providing a writer from our team rather than a full-time staff person
  • Expanded their contract with P2G
Case Study Dawning Family Services

Dawning Family Services serves the critical need that exists in our community to provide housing stability for all disenfranchised families. This involves increasing the number of emergency shelter units, expanding the population they serve to include a broader range of family types, and launching a new prevention program to provide basic needs and essential supports. Our P2G team has been honored to serve as part of their team, especially as they have been undertaking major expansions of their facilities and programs.

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