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Pathways to Growth is a group of professionals who have found their passion…helping nonprofits reach their full potential in serving the urgent needs of their community.

We are partners with our clients helping them to address virtually all areas of their nonprofit business development and capacity building.  As we work with our clients in these areas, they attract more funding while increasing their overall effectiveness.

Pathways to Growth’s staff specializes in helping nonprofits build their capacity in a comprehensive manner so they are creating greater impact, improved efficiency and increased appeal to potential donors and grant funders. Our leadership has valuable skills to share with nonprofits based upon over 30 years of personal “in the trenches” experience managing nonprofits and helping to build successful nonprofit agencies.

  • If your organization needs nonprofit development, we provide you with sound insight and advice as to how to improve your nonprofit, leadership, board and programs.
  • If you are seeking grant writing assistance, we will not only write outstanding grant proposals for your nonprofit but, using of our expertise in this field, also offer you valuable advice on how to improve your chances for grant success. (See grantpathways.com)

Pathways to Growth has earned a strong reputation for integrity and professionalism in all we do. Contact us today to start down your path to greater effectiveness and funding!

Capacity Building:
Actions that improve a nonprofit’s ability to work toward its mission. Examples: leadership development, “best practices” in programming, and board training.

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