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mastermind-gorupYou are probably living under a proverbial rock if you have not heard of mastermind groups by now. These powerful and effective groups are popping up everywhere in the business and nonprofit world. While the style and focus of a mastermind group varies greatly depending upon the person leading the group, the overall goal is to use the power of a small group of minds to help individuals achieve greater personal growth and impact.

There is a reason these groups are growing in popularity – they work! Often the group will study a certain book or curriculum and then participate in “group think” to help individual group members find new inroads in business, overcome obstacles or find solutions to problems in their professional lives.

If you have not yet participated in one, here are 6 reasons to join one ASAP:

  1. It is just plain common sense and evidenced by studies that we humans are more likely to achieve our goals when we are accountable to others. Mastermind groups will help you to set goals and supercharge your results.
  2. Networking with like-minded individuals who are in the group to grow and achieve just like you, is powerful. This is an after-hours or service-based networking group on steroids. You have the opportunity to really get to know other people and share your work and goals at a much deeper level than at a typical networking group.
  3. In an effective mastermind group, you will spend a great deal of time sharing insights and success principles that you simply cannot get on your own. Regardless of how smart and successful you are, learning new ideas and perspectives from others will greatly expand your knowledge. If you are like most people who attend a mastermind group, your cup will overflow with new ideas through this process.
  4. Leaders of mastermind groups are experts in personal growth and business success. At each meeting, they will bring the freshest ideas in personal growth, business and life success to the group.
  5. The time you spend at a mastermind group meeting allows you to get away from the craziness of your work day to truly think, reflect, learn and plan. If you do not purposefully set aside time for this type of growth, your daily tasks will almost always take precedence. The result – slower progress on your long-term or big-picture goals.
  6. Mastermind groups cause you to get outside of yourself to help others. Your input, knowledge and ideas are very valuable to others in the group. You can bring new insights to them that will help them move to their next level. It is synergistic and very rewarding!

To find out how you can join a mastermind group in the greater Tampa Bay area, email Julé Colvin at jule@grantpathways.com.